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February 12, 2007

Brooklyn DAILY Eagle: Atlantic Yards Opponents Fight For Their Right to a Federal Trial

Norman Oder pointed out last week that a reader took him to task for overlooking Brooklyn's daily newpaper, the "Daily Eagle" (published M-F).

Oder noted, "The Eagle did cover the court hearing Wednesday, with a 427-word article. A more substantial Brooklyn daily, I'd imagine, would've given it more space. The New York Sun, by contrast, managed 669 words."

To Oder's point, Brooklyn Daily Eagle posted a 431-word article on their web site on Friday, covering the hearing on the use of eminent domain at Atlantic Yards. The NY Sun published a 670-word article the day after the hearing on Thursday.

From the Eagle article:

Judge Robert Levy questioned lawyers on all sides yesterday. If a development project has a public use, does that make eminent domain constitutional? What if the public use represents only 5 percent of a largely private project? What if, hypothetically, the project has a public use — for example, as a railroad or highway — but was created through an unethical or even corrupt process for the purpose of benefiting a private person?

“It’s not the purposes that count, if you’re doing something permissible,” concluded Douglas Kraus, who represented the ESDC.

“We’re not talking about [Times Square], the crossroads of the world,” said Jeffrey Braun, an attorney for Forest City Ratner. “We’re talking about eliminating this scar on Brooklyn.”

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