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February 21, 2007

Atlantic Yards Construction Begins

Yesterday's news blurb from WNYC made the same mistake as The NY Times and NY1 by repeating that the City approved the Atlantic Yards plan:

Workers are expected to begin construction on the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn today. Crews are planning to remove contamination from a bus depot before they demolish it.

The city and state approved the massive project, in spite of opposition from residents.


More proof that the mainstream media needs a long vacation:

The Atlantic Yards project was shepherded and "approved" by NY State's Empire State Development Corporation and received final approval by the Public Authorities Control Board. Neither the NYC Council nor the Mayor has any representation in either body.

Just because the Mayor and Borough President really, really like this project, doesn't mean that the "City" "approved" it.

It would be a miracle, after three years, if the dumbass press corps got sick of being spun by Ratner. Yeah, we're cranky, but you would be too, if you spent the last three years wiping their butts.

Posted by lumi at February 21, 2007 9:00 AM