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February 23, 2007

A visit to the Atlantic Yards Community Liaison Office

Atlantic Yards Report

liasonoffice-AYR.jpgWhen Norman Oder visits the Atlantic Yards Community Liaison Office, it's not clear at first that they are going to roll out the welcome mat:

You open the door. A security guard asks if you work for the developer. No.

You tell him you're here to visit the new office. He asks you if you're a member of the community. Yes, you say, and ask if he is a member of the community; apparently he's not. You sign in. (They also have security cameras outside, just in case.)

The guard works for CopStat security, which, you remember, contributed $3100 to Tracy Boyland's Senate campaign, which was notable for her pro-Atlantic Yards stance, use of a consulting firm linked to Forest City Ratner, and failure to answer press questions.

He makes a phone call. Before the designated representative, a pleasant young fellow named Marcin, descends the stairs, you encounter Tom Tuffey, a member of Forest City Ratner's governmental affairs staff. You have a cordial though not completely pacific history with Tuffey, given that he last month cross-checked you when you tried to question CEO Bruce Ratner.

Read on to find out if our intrepid reporter gets to rest his weary feet and finally gets answers to questions like "What if someone's concerned that construction has begun too early in the day or that the noise is excessive?"

NoLandGrab: Geez Norman, don't you know that if you have construction complaints, you're supposed to dial 3-1-1?

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