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January 29, 2007

Rehabilitating Robert Moses


A review of the review of the exhibits reviewing Robert Moses's legacy cites the passage that contains the sentence that The NY Times refuses to correct; you know, the sentence referring to "the reconstruction of Atlantic Yards" (like such a place already exists).

The writer also expresses disbelief of the Times's revisionist history:

I never thought I would see the day, but here it is: a glowing New York Times story on three new museum exhibits set to polish up the image of Robert Moses.
So now we have this rewriting of history in its most banal form-- a "great man" with his "great projects" did it. Come on.

But it's just what the doctor ordered, really, in booming New York City: Someone to make the case anew for a new generation of soulless, top-down, ahuman mega-projects where only the visions of "great" architects, designers and developers count - where living neighborhoods can be run roughshod over and human beings don't matter.


REMINDER: Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report cited Robert Caro, who noted on page 460 of his bio of Robert Moses that there's a history of flattering coverage of the master builder in the NY Times. Ironically, many Brooklynites think the decription could also be applied to Brooklyn's master builder, Bruce Ratner.

"Moses' press releases were treated with respect, being given prominent treatment and often being printed in full. There was no investigating of the "facts" presented in those press releases, no attempt at detailed analysis of his theories of recreation and transportation, no probing of the assumptions on which the city was building and maintining recreational facilities and roads."

Posted by lumi at January 29, 2007 7:48 AM