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January 30, 2007

Mo' Money on the QT?

cash_stacks_100.jpgThe NY Post explained that the amount "has quietly risen from $100 million to $205 million."

Atlantic Yards Report used the word "obfuscatorily" to describe how City Hall went about giving Bruce Ratner mo' money and took their time to come up with a boilerplate explanation.

It's really too bad for City Hall that it has to actually itemize these things because, as Neil DeMause reported in Power Plays, everyone who's building a new sports venue is getting an unexpected(?) windfall. DeMause explains that for the Yankees, Mets and Nets:

Total city capital funding for the projects appears to now be as high as $586 million—a nearly two-thirds hike from the $360 million (not counting tax and lease breaks) that Bloomberg had promised taxpayers would be on the hook for when the projects were first announced.

That part in the parenthesis means that the cash contributions doesn't include the total cost to taxpayers, which is really hard to tally because there's all sorts of math involved.

If not for independent journalists and a community group who has nothing better to do but complain about even more public assistance for rich sports team owners, we'd still have no clue about the bait and switch.

We're not saying that anyone was trying to pull a fast one, but it almost appears that Mayor Bloomberg sold the public on one set of figures, while assuring sports team owners that there would be more money available, and then tried to slip it through "quietly" and deal with it "obfuscatorily."

Posted by lumi at January 30, 2007 8:02 AM