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January 19, 2007

Mayor, Marty praise Barclays, but where's the money going?

Atlantic Yards Report covers yesterday's press conference, where he was picked off by team Ratner in a play that might help the sub-500 Nets:

BeauxArtCourt-AYR.jpgAs reporters and a wide array of guests ate catered filet mignon and sea bass, public officials, business executives, and sports figures were there to applaud, surrounded by some nostalgic (to use Amanda Burden's term for project opponents) Brooklyn iconography (right).

Bloomberg and other officials sat through some rapturous speeches and a snazzy promotional video featuring famous buildings from Frank Gehry’s Bilbao Guggenheim to the Eiffel Tower, but they didn’t answer too many questions.

The mayor didn’t have to explain what he meant about the $300 million "into Brooklyn," when the money would go to defray the developer's cost of paying for the $637.2 million arena, not go into the public coffers. (Bloomberg also erroneously claimed that the site “would have been home for the Dodgers.")

In the brief Q&A afterward, Bloomberg was asked if the project—which faces three lawsuits and likely a fourth—was a done deal. “We don’t have a future if this isn’t done,” Bloomberg said, more dismissive than ominous.


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