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January 26, 2007

Learning from Seattle: a sculpture park and a market

Atlantic Yards Report

Could Norman Oder be trying to live up to his rapper name "Mad O" (short for "Mad Overkiller")? The guy heads out of town for a few days but all roads lead back to Atlantic Yards.

Fresh from his trip to Seattle, he shares his insights from the opening of the Olympic Sculpture park.

SculptureParkSAMdesign.jpgSeattle is quite different from Brooklyn, but citizens there have confronted similar challenges—whether to invest public money in a sports arena, and how best to guide growth—and come up with some interesting and instructive answers, like the new sculpture park depicted at right, an oasis in the midst of development. (Photo from Seattle Art Museum)

The Seattle experience may not be directly applicable to the Atlantic Yards controversy, but it does suggest that civic debate—which was short-circuited in Brooklyn when the city/state political establishment backed AY from the gate—can produce alternatives.


Posted by lumi at January 26, 2007 2:01 PM