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January 21, 2007


Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

WARNING: All of this talk of exorbitant naming-rights and ticket prices is speculation. We'll keep saying this until it becomes clearly understood. Currently private citizens own and rent the land where the arena (and much of the rest of the "Atlantic Yards" project) is proposed. This land amounts to at least 5 acres spred throughout the site. Unless the State of New York and Forest City Ratner can seize title to the properties, all of the hype and hubbub is just that–hype and hubbub. And a Federal court will make this decision.

Rich Calder's story in todays NY Post is a small step forward for the mainstream press in trying to ascertain the profit Ratner intends to make off of the public purse, public land and private abuse of eminent domain. According to the article premium ticket holders would have to pay $4,500 just to get the right to buy tickets. And game tickets will range from $51-$970.

Thats some community facility.
And if Ratner/Barclays/Yormack/Zimbalist are counting on fans coming from New Jersey, they should take a look at the Bergen Record. The Record asked its NJ readers: Would you go to Nets' games in Brooklyn? Commenters commented here (please disregard the sporadict hateful sentiments on the board.)


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