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January 26, 2007

DDDB Dialing for Dollars

The Brooklyn Papers

In a bid to pay off an ever-growing mountain of legal bills, the most-vocal opponent of the Atlantic Yards megadevelopment has begun a round of fundraising calls — even calling The Brooklyn Paper for cash (we declined, thank you very much).
DDDB spokesman Daniel Goldstein said that the organization has relied on such telephone fund-raising campaigns quite a bit over the course of its three-year battle against the state-supported 16-tower, arena, hotel, office space and residential mega-project.

“It’s a direct connection with a person that is able to discuss issues,” he said, “It’s a two-way conversation.”

A two-way conversation that opens on a particular slant, that is. Like developer Bruce Ratner’s much-criticized — and anonymous — “push poll” surveys, the DDDB phone pitch doesn’t lack for spin.

But Goldstein said there’s a difference: “We say who we are and why we are calling.”


Posted by lumi at January 26, 2007 8:57 AM