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January 5, 2007

City cleaning up State-sanctioned blight

NYCDoSLogo.gifEyewitnesses have noticed Department of Sanitation workers sprucing up the street along the Vanderbilt Yards. The trash and weeds have been there for years as entire blocks have stood neglected by the property owner, the MTA. Now the city is finally doing something about the State-sanctioned blight.

Similarly odd behavior was reported in the Bronx in the days before the Yankee Stadium groundbreaking in August:

Truckloads of mulch were brought in to be spread at the base of the oaks that surround the fancy ground-wrecking ceremony. These same oaks have been neglected for years, even though there has been millions allocated for the care of these trees and parks. Maybe that is why a tree service worked all Monday pruning these same trees.

There's still a lot of trash left, but is the Yards cleanup a sign that the official groundbreaking ceremony for Atlantic Yards is imminent?

Posted by lumi at January 5, 2007 7:35 PM