January 15, 2007

Atlantic Yards: Nothing Was Wrong with Development Process

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Editorial

Dennis Holt tries to make a case that there was nothing wrong with the public review process for Atlantic Yards.

Opponents of the Atlantic Yards project are trying to establish a falsehood about the long process of the development of this major mixed-use effort. That falsehood is that there was something wrong about the public process that led to its governmental approval.

The attack comes in various forms. These include such phrases as “inadequate,” “insufficient,” “incorrect,” “not enough” or a host of other thoughts leaving a rather murky feeling of something not quite right.

There is no reason whatsoever for any such murky feeling. The public process was quite correct, every base touched, and many more than legally called for. There was, in truth, more “public participation” in the Atlantic Yards development process than in any other development in the last 20 years in Downtown Brooklyn.

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NoLandGrab: Sure there's nothing wrong with NY State's review process, which is why the City land review process, which was bypassed in this case, is much more stringent.

Posted by lumi at January 15, 2007 11:24 AM