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December 3, 2006

Neighborhood "practically from scratch" or spaceship?


Atlantic Yards Report

Starchitect Frank Gehry surely has put his foot in his mouth during discussions of the Atlantic Yards project, notably in May when he cracked that critics should've been "picketing Henry Ford" or last January when he misdescribed the footprint as "an empty site."

But Gehry didn't quite say, as he's been quoted, that he had the opportunity "to build a neighborhood from scratch." The press reported that, but Gehry actually said "practically from scratch." (Emphasis added)
Then again, maybe we should concentrate on the notion of neighborhood. As the Park Slope Civic Council testified:
The development plan will not create a neighborhood, but rather a high-density enclave between several neighborhoods which will in fact be a new urban form, however, more likely analogous to a spaceship landing in a field than a unifying element in the community (see scaled depiction below). It may work in concert with itself but not with the surrounding neighborhoods.

Park Slope Civic Council must be envisioning a really, really, really big spaceship, because even the one that we had professionally rendered over this photo fits better contextually than the Gehry towers.

Posted by amy at December 3, 2006 11:22 AM