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December 31, 2006

Cognitive dissonance from the tabs on Albany & AY

Atlantic Yards Report contrasts the editorial viewpoints of the Post, Daily News and the Times in their negative views of Albany vs. the sunshine and daydreams of Atlantic Yards:

In an editorial Friday headlined THE BIG GOV WHO WOULDN'T, the Post editorialized regarding the 12-year stint of Governor George Pataki:
To put it bluntly, Ol' George let New York down.
Ran off, in pursuit of his own interests.
Even as taxes across the state squeezed out residents and businesses.
And political corruption mushroomed.

Today's Daily News, in an editorial assessing Pataki's mixed record, headlined By George, it's bye, George, offers these somewhat contradictory sentences:
Pataki's Empire State Development Corp. fostered the city's building boom, notably rejuvenating Times Square.
...Pataki succumbed to back-room dealmaking with legislative leaders and broke a promise to limit himself to two terms.

the Times criticized Albany too, stating in a 12/16/06 editorial:
But we always need our legislators to take the time to do their work carefully — and, we hope, more openly.

Today, in an editorial, the Times offers a mixed verdict on Pataki's governorship, criticizing his record on governmental reform and budget issues. There's nothing, of course, about Atlantic Yards.


Posted by amy at December 31, 2006 10:42 AM