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December 5, 2006

Brooklyn's "front stoop"? Study for FEIS says area too windy for much sitting

Atlantic Yards Report

UrbanRoomSketch.jpgYou know the saying, "If they can't take a [bleep!], joke 'em." Here's the latest joke from Ratnerville and the Empire State Development Corporation's "analysis" of Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards proposal.

The State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) doesn't require a wind analysis for the Environmental Impact Statement, so none was included in the EIS. But it turns out that the ESDC did perform a wind analysis, which is mentioned in passing in the FEIS. Norman Oder, of course, asked to see it.

Here's the punchline: according to Mr. Oder, the wind analysis found that architect Frank Gehry's front stoop, the entry to the Urban Room, "wouldn’t be suitable for leisure sitting/dining and even some short-term sitting." Perfect for kite-fliers, not so good for toupee-wearers.

So Laurie Olin's illustration of people enjoying a leisurely afternoon at the biggest stoop in Brooklyn is fanciful, even farcical.

Atlantic Yards Report is running a full article on: * the findings, * the failure to account for ythe three towers planned for the Atlantic Center Mall overbuild, and * the impacts the study claims "would not cause a significant hardship."


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