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December 27, 2006


You don't have to go far down the New Jersey Nets Atlantic Yard Development FAQs to find eyebrow-raising facts (hey, we're talking about Ratner PR!).

We don't know quite how to take this question "frequently asked" by fans who are worried about traveling through "Crooklyn."

7. Where is the new Arena located? What type of neighborhood is that?
The new Frank Gehry-designed arena will be located at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, an area in close proximity to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Brooklyn Museum. It is within easy walking distance from several neighborhoods, such as Park Slope and Fort Greene. The new arena and development will add a dynamic, diverse, and urban cultural center to the area.

FAQ forgets to mention the cultural resources in Ratner's malls — like Buffalo Wild Wings and Chuck E. Cheese and the DMV — just across the street.

The Public Library, Botanic Garden and Museum — or even Grand Army Plaza — were not deemed close enough to be included in the traffic study.

And since everyone is thinking it, we'll say it: questions regarding the "type of neighborhood" means that people want to know what "type" of people live, work and play there (read: their complexion).

Here are two other FAQs that caught our eye:

8. How far will the arena be from the Meadowlands?
Fifteen miles.

For you NJ drivers, 15 miles typically adds another 15 minutes to your trip, unless it is through traffic-clogged city streets and arteries (no main arterial routes were included in the Atlantic Yards traffic study) — then it's anyone's guess.

11. How will I get to the new arena? Will there be adequate parking?
The arena will be located directly over New York City's third largest subway hub, with 10 subway lines and the LIRR stopping at the arena, making it a 10 minute ride from downtown Manhattan and 20 minutes from Midtown. There will also be parking lots in close proximity to the arena for those who choose to drive.

We're getting kind of worried here, because we're afraid this might be the executive summary of the "comprehensive" traffic plan that Ratner has been promising.

Posted by lumi at December 27, 2006 7:42 AM