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December 26, 2006

511 Ft.

MartyPuppet-sm.jpgMuch is being made of Miss Brooklyn being "shaved down" to a height one foot shorter than the neighboring Williamsburgh Savings Bank building. This was a condition set by Borough President Marty Markowitz during his testmony at the only Public Hearing for the Atlantic Yards Environmental Impact Statement in August, 2006.

Lo and behold, an alternative plan with a shorter Miss Brooklyn emerged from the shadows at the last minute before the Public Authorities Control Board voted to approve the project. [Note: Norman Oder discovered documents that considered this option as early as October 10.]

Does anyone remember this item that NoLandGrab ran on August 25?

Community Activist Philip DePaolo offers this observation and analysis in response to Marty's position tweak calling for the project, especially Miss Brooklyn, to be downscaled:

Just a small side note. At the ESDC hearing I was sitting right behind FCR'S Jim Stuckey. He seemed to get quite a chuckle over Marty Markowitz's comments. And his surrounding posse of yes men and women also got a good laugh. Marty was doing damage control with the community. Nothing more.

So it seems that Bruce Ratner took an urban planning concern, turned it into a technicality and then sent Marty Markowitz to testify like a trained monkey, much to the delight of his henchmen.

There's nothing illegal about this elaborate political theater, but we thought you'd be interested in what happens when one connects the dots in Ratnerville.

Posted by lumi at December 26, 2006 7:10 AM