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November 30, 2006

What Went Wrong With “Atlantic Yards?”

Civic News (newsletter of the Park Slope Civic Council), via Streets Blog By Ezra Goldstein

Barwick.jpgThe Municipal Art Society head Kent Barwick has figured out what's wrong with "Atlantic Yards." It's not extreme density, superblocks, eminent domain, the arena or traffic.

To Barwick... process is paramount, and Atlantic Yards is the poster child for what goes wrong when process is ignored.

NoLandGrab: To be fair, in theory, Barwick is right, in that the multitude of issues and concerns clustered around this project could've been openly discussed if there had been a process in place to begin with.

But, has the lack of process gone too far?

The project can be saved, he says, but only if people are given the chance not just to speak but to be heard. That would happen if the state recognizes that, properly, its client at Atlantic Yards is the citizens and government of New York City, not a private developer.


Posted by lumi at November 30, 2006 9:02 AM