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November 3, 2006

Transit-oriented development, the lagging MTA, and the AY example

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder reports on the two-ton elephant at Wednesday's forum on transit-oriented development.

Even projects near transportation hubs, [Jon Orcutt from Tri-State Transportation Campaign] added, citing Atlantic Yards, show “it’s possible to do design that isn’t the best transit-oriented development.”
Robert Lane of the Regional Plan Association advised that, besides town hall meetings, charettes, and other public meetings, planners must offer photo simulations of projects so the public can evaluate what’s on the table. It was a reminder to me that most press outlets have ignored simulations of the scale of Atlantic Yards, such as this from the Environmental Simulation Center for the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods.

He encouraged planners to find the intersection of transit-agency priorities, community-based goals and objectives, and technical constraints. (For AY, add to that political influences, such as the desire for a sports team, or a developer's history in the borough.) “If you’re honest with people, they will help you get there.”


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