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November 29, 2006

Reduce the project? ESDC says density works for Times Square

Atlantic Yards Report

As Norman Oder is scouring the Empire State Development Corporation's responses to the public's comments on the Environmental Impact Statement, he's picking up clues to what Bruce Ratner's ultimate vision is for the neighborhood.

Barkey04.jpgHow big should Atlantic Yards be? Numerous individuals, organizations, and elected officials told the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), in response to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), that the project should be reduced drastically.
In the Final EIS, however, the ESDC gave very little quarter--and suggested that, because areas like Times Square and Penn Station support high density development, so should the area around Atlantic Terminal.

The difference, however, is that most of the high-density development touted is commercial, not residential, and neither of those areas are as close to rowhouse residential districts like the Atlantic Yards site.


NoLandGrab: The ESDC and Ratner are proposing to bring a level of density previously limited to commercial districts to a mostly residential neighborhood. Remember, not only is the area surrounding the proposed Atlantic Yards site largely residential, but so is the Atlantic Yards plan itself.

The Atlantic Yards project is proposing density of historic proportions for a residential community. If built, urban planners from all over the world will eye our community, which will be the petri dish for a historic experiment in extreme density.

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