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November 15, 2006

Queens West less dense than AY--and overall more affordable

We already knew that Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards plan was denser than... well, just about any development project in the western world. How does it stack up to the most recently unveiled affordable housing project proposal in New York City?

Atlantic Yards Report compares Atlantic Yards and Queens West.

QueesWestActual.jpgQueens West, to be built on Port Authority land in in Long Island City once designated for an Olympics Village, would encompass 5000 apartments over 24 acres. That's 208 apartments per acre--significantly more dense than other projects in the city like Battery Park City (152/acre at full buildout) or Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village (141/acre).

Atlantic Yards would include 6430 apartments over 22 acres. That's 292 apartments per acre. AY would also include a significant chunk of office/hotel space. Both AY and Queens West would include retail space.)

If two acres were subtracted for the arena, AY would be 6430 apartments over 20 acres, or 321 apartments per acre. To reduce AY to the density of the quite dense Queens West, or 208 apartments/acre, Atlantic Yards would have to be cut by a third, to 4160 residential units over 20 acres.

(And maybe there's a major scaleback in Forest City Ratner's blueprint.)*


* Atlantic Yards Report uses the density comaprison to remind readers of Forest City Ratner's "Back Pocket Plan", reported by Norman Oder in early September, 2006.

NoLandGrab: We're totally amused by how the above rendering of Queens West is stretched horizontally by about 50% on the ESDC's web site , making the project look quite a bit shorter than currently proposed. Does this sales tactic ever really work?

Posted by lumi at November 15, 2006 8:29 AM