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November 15, 2006

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere06.jpgBrewed Fresh Daily, Don’t you just love that hard-hitting journalism?
On a Cleveland-based message board, criticism of the city's daily paper garnered a response indicating that informed Clevelanders are aware of what the Ratners are up to in Brooklyn:

Yesterday’s offering reminds me of some of the devotional pieces served up in the PD a few months ago on Forest City and the Ratners, just while Bruce Ratner was laying waste to Brooklyn, NY, and the local family was preparing to crank up the issue 3 machine.

Save Our Parks, "We're not going to take it... anymore!" NY Daily News

The grassroots organization "opposed to the taking of Macombs Dam and Mullaly parks by the Yankees for a new stadium" posted this weekend's Michael O'Keeffe column. Though the column covers Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards specifically, it can be read as what New York politicians should be learning from voters in other states before they hand over public resources to billionaire sports team owners.

Gridskipper, Stay Gould Baby! Never Change.

An article on the classical-music bar scene identified Freddy's Bar and Backroom as "an Atlantic Yards neighborhood bar."

In case you've been stuck in a practice room somewhere, here's the scoop: there will be no beer with your opera buffa if Bruce Ratner has his way. Freddy's Bar and Backroom is in the FOOTPRINT of the ATLANTIC YARDS PROPOSAL and will be razed if the project goes forward — hardly un bel di for Freddy's.

I'm Seeing Green, Atlantic Yards Sturm und Drang

A Brooklyn Green shares some thoughts about recent Atlantic Yards news and opinions:

It's obvious that the 'race card' is being played well by Ratner. The mantra about 'jobs' is well calculated to relate to unions, and others like James E. Caldwell, the president of Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development, a job-training group known as Build, and Bertha Lewis, the New York executive director of Acorn, a national advocacy group for low-income people, both of whom act as if they have been co-opted by FCR.

As if the only issue of building a mega-construction like this is about jobs.

Posted by lumi at November 15, 2006 6:10 AM