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November 29, 2006

HPD foils FOIL (after four months), won't reveal affordable housing subsidies

Atlantic Yards Report

FOIL-HPD-sm.gifNorman Oder is "FOIL'd" again. This time the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) isn't going to give up info about the housing subsidies that will be applied to Atlantic Yards because the law says that you don't have to if the release of that information would cause "interference with contracts." Contracts with whom, do you suppose?

So it looks like HPD stymied Norman Oder long enough (the original Freedom of Information Law request was sent back in July, 2006) to put off any decision on Oder's appeal of the denial until possibly AFTER the sponsoring agency, the Empire State Development Corporation, and developer Bruce Ratner have secured the final approval.

Yes, you are reading this correctly, it looks like the ESDC and Forest City Ratner are seeking final approval BEFORE all public costs have been revealed.


NoLandGrab: Though it took several months for HPD to take action on Norman Oder's FOIL request, ESDC employees worked through the Thanksgiving holiday to revise the Final Environmental Impact Statement.

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