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November 15, 2006

CBN Press Release: Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods asks, “So How Well Did They Listen?”

In response to the release Wednesday of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Atlantic Yards project by the Empire State Development Corporation, the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods today announced the launch of the Project Report Card. Project Report Card invites the community and everyone who sent in comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement to grade the ESDC on how well they listened and responded.

“The ESDC said they received over 1800 comments on the DEIS, which is really remarkable. It’s also remarkable that they were able to incorporate all those comments in such a short time!” said Jim Vogel, spokesman for CBN. “Since the law says that the community is responsible for the thoroughness and accuracy of the Environmental Review process, now it’s time for the community to evaluate the FEIS. And we’ve given the community a tool to make it easy!”

Project Report Card asks anyone who spoke at the Public Forums or sent a comment into the ESDC to grade the FEIS for responsiveness to their comments generally and by any particular concern that person spoke or wrote about. There are also instructions on how to quickly find the areas in the FEIS they are interested in. They are then directed to send their completed Report Cards back to CBN so the grades can be tallied up.

Anyone going to the CBN website (www.cbrooklynneighborhoods.homestead.com) will be able to download and complete the Report Card and instructions. The FEIS is available for download from the ESDC website. CDs may be requested by calling (212) 803-3233 or by emailing atlanticyards@empire.state.ny.us.

Posted by lumi at November 15, 2006 6:37 PM