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October 5, 2006

Williams v. Ratner

Let's start by saying that Bruce Ratner is one bad-assed... [well you know what we mean].

Earlier this year, when some joker sent a bogus email to Brooklyn Brewery owner Steve Hindy "from Bruce Ratner", Ratner tried to haul the prankster's ass in court, claiming identity theft.

This week, when footprint homeowner Lars Williams removed one of Ratner's surveillance cameras from Williams's own property, Ratner had him thrown in jail.

You're thinking, "What do you expect from Communist China?"

We're thinking, "Thank God Ratner hasn't been put in charge of the Secret Police." We're also wondering if he pissed off the wrong guy.

Three days after being unceremoniously arrested, Lars Williams has filed suit against Bruce Ratner, James P. Stuckey and Ratner employee Michael Machuch.

From Williams v. Ratner:

The defendants invaded the plaintiff's privacy by causing a camera to be placed at 38 Sixth Avenue, to monitor plaintiff's comings and goings, and otherwise intrude upon his personal life and activities.

When Lars Williams sought to remove the camera, the defendants caused a false sworn statement to be filed and to have plaintiff falsely arrested.

The word on the street is that Ratner has surveillance cameras all over the footprint, allegedly to keep the neighborhood he has systematically emptied from becoming a blue-light special for looters.

Ratner's employee Michael Machuch swore out a statement that the camera Lars Williams removed was located on Ratner's building. Williams claims it was on his own building. Word on the street says that Ratner has an easement on Williams's property. Does an easement give someone the right to install surveillance equipment?

Williams is seeking compensation for legal fees and punitive damages.

Wherever this case ends, one thing is for sure, constitutional-rights crusader Michael Ratner's big brother (Bruce!) is watching...

Posted by lumi at October 5, 2006 10:54 PM