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October 11, 2006

Municipal Art Society email blast on BrooklynSpeaks

This letter was sent to the Municipal Art Society email list promoting the Brooklyn Speaks campaign:

Dear fellow New Yorker,

Over the years, with your help, we were able to save Grand Central Terminal and prevent Times Square from becoming a corporate office park. Now we need your help again.

In the next few weeks, the Atlantic Yards project -- a proposal to build 16 enormous towers and a sports arena in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn -- is going to be decided by state officials. If built as currently proposed, the project would overwhelm the surrounding brownstone neighborhoods and create a deadening enclave in the heart of Brooklyn.

The Municipal Art Society believes that the current plan does not work. We believe the site should be developed, but that the plan should not be approved unless substantial changes are made.

Please consider joining our call for a plan that works by visiting a new website that the MAS and eight other civic and community organizations have launched called BrooklynSpeaks.net. Through the website you can send a letter to the elected officials who will decide the project. You can visit the website by clicking here, and view a slide show about the proposed project by clicking here.

Please visit the website even if you don't live in Brooklyn. It's vital that we remind the state that New Yorkers must have an opportunity to shape huge projects like this - otherwise, the next flawed proposal might well be for your neighborhood. Please forward this email to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to visit the website too.

Some people think this project is a done deal. We don't. We believe every New Yorker who spends a minute to send a letter through the website will make a difference. If you've already expressed your support for this campaign, many thanks. If you haven't yet, please step up to the plate for New York once again and visit BrooklynSpeaks.net.

Thank you for your time.

Kent Barwick, President
Municipal Art Society

Posted by lumi at October 11, 2006 11:15 AM