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October 5, 2006

Magic Lady revealed?

Roberta Flack's appearance at Forest City Ratner's August 23rd press conference in support of the Atlantic Yards project proposal stands out as one of the great non-sequitur moments of the developer's push to promote Atlantic Yards.

Flack, who in the past has requested that she be addressed as "The Magic Lady," made a statement looking forward to performing in the 19,000-seat arena and then quoted Martha Stewart for a gallery of reporters and crowds of affordable housing and employment advocates.

Project critics were left wondering who invited the C-list entertainer, when was the last time she played a venue that big, and why was she quoting Martha Stewart?

How did she get the gig to shill for Bruce Ratner's project? Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report offers a clue:

Well, here's a suggestion: Flack is represented by L. Londell McMillan, a Brooklyn-born entertainment attorney who owns a piece of the Nets. (He travels in some of the same circles as hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, another Nets owner).

In the same post, Oder also mentions:

Also, successful 11th Congressional District candidate Yvette Clarke got a boost from McMillan, who helped organize some high-profile women to back Clarke and raise funds for her. And we know that Michael Ratner supported Clarke too.


Posted by lumi at October 5, 2006 7:36 AM