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October 11, 2006

It came from the GoldBergosphere...

Gehry-IAC-flickr.jpg"Gehry-rigged" in the blogosphere — a few blogs linked to New Yorker architectural critic Paul Goldberger's assessment of Gehry's NY debuts.

Big Cities Big Boxes, New Yorker Critiques Atlantic Yards

While he lauds Gehry's first freestanding New York building, the headquarters for Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp. in Chelsea, Goldberger takes off the gloves for Atlantic Yards. Among his observations is that whatever Gehry's desire to pay homage to the Manhattan skyline, the romance of the old Manhattan skyline "is a happy accident of diverse buildings in a tight web of streets." Atlantic Yards, by contrast, "involves eliminating streets, and has the look more of a single structure spanning multiple blocks than of a townscape that has grown organically." Well put.

Blog Chelsea, Goldberger Gives Gehry’s IAC a Thumbs Up

A little gloating is in order...

Goldberger in the New Yorker cuts down Gehry’s work at Atlantic Yards but likes our little IAC building.

...though Blog Chelsea wondered:

Who was dorky enough to call about the columns?

TrueHoop, The New Yorker on the Nets' Proposed New Home
Sportswriter Henry Abbott takes note of the Goldberger article on his own blog:

Paul Goldberger, writing in the New Yorker, discusses architect Frank Gehry, whose work is at the center of the storm about the Nets' proposed new arena in Brooklyn. The whole article is a good read, but I was especially interested in the ending.

DDDB.net, New Yorker Says No to Gehry's Idea of Brooklyn

One point about the excerpted criticism below. Because of his fame and embrace in many quarters, many architects, critics and laypeople are fearful of criticizing Frank Gehry. It will take more hard, cold looks at his work, like Goldberger's text below, to allow a more balanced expert and popular viewpoint on the controversial pop architect. Not everything that spits out of his staffers' computers are nuggets of genius. Gehry is confronting a project of a magnitude he's never tried before. And it shows.

Curbed.com, Goldberger on Gehry's IAC Building: He Likes It!

N.B. In the same article, as the folks at No Land Grab are gleefully noting, Goldberger hauls Gehry's Atlantic Yards project in for an ass-whooping: "Rather than giving a sense of foreground and background, the juxtaposition of plain and fancy just looks like a few Gehrys bought for full price next to several bought at discount." Ooo-eee.

NoLandGrab: For the record, there's nothing "gleeful" about fighting Gehry's Atlantic Yards design. When a respected architecture critic sheds light on the fact that the Atlantic Yards project is unbecoming Brooklyn and the starchitect himself, we experience a sigh of relief (more like passing a stone).

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