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October 13, 2006

Camera shy

Suit: Ratner had me arrested when I took his spy cam off my building

LarWilliams-BP.jpgBrooklyn Papers
By Dana Rubinstein

One of the remaining property owners in the footprint of the proposed Atlantic Yards project is suing developer Bruce Ratner for mounting a surveillance camera in his building, and then having him arrested for taking it down.

“They took me out in handcuffs, put me in the back of a police car and took me to the station,” said Lars Williams, who lives with his sister in a building on Sixth Avenue between Pacific and Dean streets that he co-owns with his dad.

“I spent a night in jail for taking a camera off [our] building,” said Williams in disbelief.
Despite repeated attempts by The Brooklyn Papers, a Forest City Ratner spokesperson refused to comment.


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