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October 1, 2006

Atlantic Yards Report Super Post

Atlantic Yards Report

Lawyers for the poor charge AY violates state constitution

Does the Atlantic Yards project violate the New York State Constitution? There are some potentially damning charges in the comments filed Friday on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and General Project Plan (GPP) by South Brooklyn Legal Services (SBLS), which represents low-income residents in the proposed project footprint.

State subsidies, according to the constitution, must go to low-income housing, not the mixed-income Atlantic Yards project, notes SBLS on p. 10 of its filing. Nearly 70% of the Atlantic Yards project would be market-rate housing--though the recent 8% scaleback would shave off some condos and adjust that percentage a little--and, of the proposed affordable housing, less than half would be low-income housing.

Transparency? Another tussle with the ESDC

In Riverkeeper's response to the Empire State Development Corporation's (ESDC) Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), regarding CSOs (combined sewer overflows), the organization charges that the ESDC thwarted public participation by failing to include a key report in the DEIS.

Two views of Brooklyn Speaks: middle ground or "same stale agenda"? has Errol Louis and Stephen Witt go head to head and debunks Louis's off-base comments.

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