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October 5, 2006

At Deadline, a Pile-Up of Atlantic Yards Criticism

Brooklyn Downtown Star
By Norman Oder

After three public meetings concerning Atlantic Yards that featured many supporters touting jobs and housing, a tsunami of criticism finally arrived on September 29, the deadline day for responses to the project Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Critics and opponents turned the offices of the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) in midtown Manhattan into a version of the post office at tax time, rushing to submit documents and discs. Probably the largest submission, more than 200 pages, came from the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods (CBN), which includes some 35 community groups active in the area around the proposed project. Declared co-chair Therese Urban in a statement, "Due to the number and profound nature of the errors and shortcomings of the DEIS, CBN does not believe the current DEIS can be approved."


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