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September 13, 2006

ESDC Community Forum

The ESDC held a "Community Forum" during Fashion Week and "only a few dozen people showed up."

Without the fashionistas on both sides, no wonder the mood was "civil."

Here's the coverage:
The NY Times, At Atlantic Yards Hearing, a Gathering Small and Civil

Yesterday’s hearing was to allow for public comment on a draft environmental impact statement issued by the development corporation in July. Some speakers criticized the project’s potential to create traffic and hurt air quality, among other concerns.

But, for the most part, attendees debated the project’s general worth, or lack of it, in terms that have changed little since the project was proposed in 2003.

Atlantic Yards Report, AY forum on Election Day brief and low-key, though criticism of scale won't disappear

If a Martian had attended the community forum yesterday on the Atlantic Yards plan, the visitor would’ve concluded that citizens—except for a group of construction workers, a few community activists, two happy property sellers, and some other locals—weren’t much exercised about what would be the largest development in the history of Brooklyn.

Norman Oder devotes more air time than the Times to quotes from people who testified, including himself.

WNYC Newsroom, Second Public Hearing for Atlantic Yards Project
This newsclip ran several times yesterday, calling the "community forum" a "public hearing."

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