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September 14, 2006

Election results no anti-AY referendum, but not an endorsement either

57thAD.gifAtlantic Yards Report
Norman Oder's early analysis of Tuesday's election results considers the location of the Atlantic Yards project relative to the districts lines:

Also, let's remember that the lines for the election districts are not exactly coterminous with the areas where the greatest concern with Atlantic Yards might be found. In the 11th CD map and the 57th AD map, the Atlantic Yards project would be in the far west and center west fractions of the districts, leaving large populations to the east and south. In the 18th SD, there are large areas south and east of the footprint--no wonder incumbent Montgomery, in campaign literature I was sent, didn't mention that she opposed Atlantic Yards. (Boyland didn't mention her support, though many believe FCR helped in her campaign.)

Still, when Public Advocate Norman Siegel, a project opponent, won the 57th last year, that was seen by DDDB as a sign that an opponent could win the Assembly seat. But clearly there were more factors than Atlantic Yards at play in his success.


Posted by lumi at September 14, 2006 8:20 AM