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September 6, 2006

Developer’s Plan for a Smaller Yards Project Matters Little, More or Less, in Brooklyn

The NY Times
By Nicholas Confessore

Ever since Forest City Ratner announced plans to build a massive residential, office and arena complex along Atlantic Avenue near Downtown Brooklyn, people have been demanding that it be made smaller.

But as word circulated yesterday through the neighborhoods near the proposed site of the developer’s reported plans to reduce the 8.7 million-square-foot project by 500,000 to 700,000 square feet, the reaction from people who work and live nearby was almost uniform: Big deal.
Mr. Shiffman speculated that the small reductions being contemplated are “more of a show than a substantive reduction,” aimed at politicians who do not want to stop the project but do want to claim credit for having gained concessions from the developer. “This is similar to the playbook and strategy that Ratner has used for all of his developments,” Mr. Shiffman added. “I think this is predictable, and that they concluded that the politicians needed something to go back to their constituents with.”

Forest City Ratner officials declined to comment yesterday.


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