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September 28, 2006

Atlantic Yards Reporting

Norman "The Mad Overkiller" Oder is at it again. He's writing faster than we read. In an attempt to try to catch up and for your convenience, we're putting everything in a superpost.

ESDC stonewalls FOI Law request, won't release fiscal impact study
The Empire State Development Corporation claimed it "performed an independent economic impact analysis of the Project." When Norman Oder asked to see it, the agency replied:

ESDC has reviewed your request for additional documentation with respect to the financial analysis performed by ESDC. At this time there are no additional documents that are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Law. It is possible that additional information will be compiled and made available at a later date. If additional information is prepared for release to the public - ESDC will certainly make the same available to you.

NoLandGrab: So the ESDC is not saying the study doesn't exist, just that it isn't subject to disclosure, but if and when they do make it public, they'll be sure to disclose it to Norman Oder.

The Times gets the scaleback right, but what about the housing commitment?
Norman Oder analyzes today's coverage of the 8% scaleback - you know, the scaleback that gets the project back to square one.

AY Phase I down to 550 affordable units; more criticism from Tish James
This article ties up some loose ends, such as the City Planning Commission's letter, Letitia James' strong criticism of the CPC's inaction (see Brooklyn Downtown Star below), NLG's addendum to the Times and Mary Campbell Gallagher's conjuring of the ghost of Robert Moses.

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