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September 3, 2006

Atlantic Yards Report Roundup

While we were caught sleeping on the job, Norman Oder wasn't — we forgot to post yesterday's links to Atlantic Yards Report so here's the weekend roundup from the "mad overblogger":

AY displacement? Rev. Daughtry is incredulous (and uninformed)

Residential displacement around Atlantic Yards will be countered by the affordable housing component of Bruce Ratner's plan, according to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, ACORN head Bertha Lewis, Ratner spokesperson Lupe Todd, and Rev. Herbert R. Daughtry. Can we take their claims at face value?

Norman Oder provides some additional analysis.

New community forum coming; backlash against hearing "circus" continues

The Courier-Life article on the August 23 "Public Hearing" and the additional "Community Forum" needs some explaining. Norman Oder also highlights the coverage on some criticism of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

The innocence of our Borough President

Atlantic Yards Report straightens out Marty Markowitz on differences between Bruce Ratner's affordable housing plan and inclusionary zoning initiatives.

The more things change...
Oder offers a couple paragraphs about public hearings from Jane Jacobs. It's deja vu all over again:

A public hearing in a big city is apt to be a curious affair, simultaneously discouraging and heartening.

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