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August 4, 2006

Speaker speaks out for more time

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is the latest prominent politician that has called for an extension to the public comment period for Atlantic Yards.

Given the unprecedented size and scope of the proposed development, the fact that concerned community boards are in recess in August, and the coinciding release of the DEIS and the scheduling of public hearings with many families' vacations, I am specifically asking you to postpone the public hearing that is current scheduled for August 23 for 30 days, allowing the community enough time for public comment. This would in effect provide a much more reasonable 90 day review period.

Given the critical importance of this environmental review, I respectfully submit that an extension is required to truly accomodate serious public input.

Coverage in the blogosphere:
Atlantic Yards Report, Council Speaker Quinn calls for ESDC to extend DEIS schedule

Like Eliot Spitzer (as gubernatorial candidate rather than Attorney General) last week, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has asked the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) to extend the time for review of the Atlantic Yards Draft Environmental Impact Statement.
After Spitzer's comments, I asked for a response from the ESDC and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, for an article I was writing for the Downtown Brooklyn Star. Their answers weren't too encouraging to those who seek an extension.

Gowanus Lounge, City Council Speaker Quinn to Gargano: More Time Please

Quinn's letter to Empire State Development Corp. Chairman Charles Gargano also notes that the City Council has funded an analysis of the DEIS and that more time is needed to complete the study.

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