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August 1, 2006

Overdeveloper Bruce Ratner becomes posterboy for stopping at nothing, even evicting the elderly

VillageVoiceCoverBall.jpg Just in case they didn't notice at Forest City headquarters in Cleveland, the Ratner name has become synonymous in NYC (only the world's largest media market), with eminent-domain-addicted Mad Overdeveloper.

This week's Village Voice puts the ball in Ratner's court, telling the tale of several long-time Brooklynites who find themselves in the path of what would be the largest single-source development in NYC's history.

Ratner is a favorite of the city's alternative press, earning the Voice's cover and the New York Press's designation this past March as the "Most Loathsome New Yorker."

Other semi-related Brooklyn stories in this week's Voice cover the BAM Cultural District and the wounded-but-not-dead-yet machine Dems who are hard at work supporting Carl Andrews's bid to succeed Major Owens in the 11th District Congressional race.

BAM goes the neighborhood
While Atlantic Yards grabs the headlines, an art attack quietly transforms downtown Brooklyn

Compared to Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards project, the BAM LDC plan seems like small potatoes.

...but it's not without its own controversy.

Andrews Amnesia
Why are the media giving the scandal-ridden Norman pal a pass?

Why the mainstream media doesn't drop-kick Carl Andrews is anyone's guess. However, there's a clear Atlantic Yards angle, since the Brooklyn Democratic Machine is currently pulling out all the stops for pro-Ratner candidates -- witness Tracy Boyland's stealth petition drive to get into the 18th State Senate District race against staunch Ratner critic Velmanette Montgomery.

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