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August 30, 2006

It came from the Blogosphere...

SubChat.com, Reopening old underpasses - Atlantic Av IRT
From a bona-fide transit-buff message board:

According to the Atlantic Yards DEIS, the closed underpass at the south end could be reopened, which is pretty cool. Anyone here ever use it back when it was open?

How2RigAHearing.jpgOnNYTurf, Worthy Watching: AY Public Hearing
ONYT is telling readers to check out coverage of last week's Public Hearing on the Atlantic Yards Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Gothamist, Extra, Extra
From yesterday's coverage round-up at Gothamist:

Looks like the political tide around the Atlantic Yards is starting to shift: first Marty Markowitz called for size reductions, and now David Yassky has come out in favor of reducing the scale of the project. [Link to yesterday's Atlantic Yards Report article about Yassky.]

True Hoop, Legal Challenges to Nets' New Arena
Sportswriter Henry Abbott is "interested in the suggestion that this development could in theory happen without the Nets," and is hosting a discussion in the comments section of his website, which usually covers basketball proper.

Lewis_Carroll_Alice.jpgDon't Worry It's Just Reality: Brooklyn Edition, Down The Ratner Hole...a Peak into the Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Dreadnaught starts reading the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and vents what seems like his first draft of public-hearing testimony on his blog:

I got around to reading some of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement this evening, particularly chapter 8 urban design. Certainly, the writers were inspired by Louis Carrol, because even Alice in Wonderland didn't have so magical a ride as Forest Cit - oops the ESDC is providing us.

He then cites a couple of instances in which the DEIS either defies reality or makes unsupported conclusions.

Dreadnaught's conclusion:

I could see why they don't want the public to scrutinize this too long, if I could find this just reading this in between the wash and dry cycles, just imagine what experts could do in a couple of months.

"Atlantic Yards" Voter Guide, Mr. David Yassky, Yassky, Yassky.

He asked his voters, voters, voters,
If he made any sense, sense, sense,
Despite the flippity, floppity, flippity,
He sat on the fence, fence, fence.

Atlantic Yards Report, Another Atlantic Yards mailer from Forest City Ratner

(Does the parent New York Times Company's business relationship with Forest City Ratner have any influence on the editorial stance? Well, at least the Times discloses the relationship. No such luck with the mailer.)

...Nope, again there are no tall buildings. Like this:

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