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August 29, 2006

Freddie Hamilton's campaign web site is back

The campaign web site of 57th Assembly District candidate Freddie Hamilton is back. Though she refused to answer any questions regarding Atlantic Yards at a recent candidates forum, her web site has this statement (in case you were confused as to where she stands on the issue):

The development of Downtown Brooklyn

The Development of Downtown Brooklyn which includes the Atlantic Yards project, The BAM Cultural District and the Development of the old Williamsburg Savings Bank Building.

While change is constant, it's still hard when the change happens to you. I am a signer of the Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement on behalf of six community based service organizations in the 57th Assembly District. They are Brooklyn Perinatal Network, Youth America Inc., REBUILD, Jackie Robinson Center for Physical Culture, Grandmothers as Mothers Again, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center and Child Development Support Corporation.

Although I am a supporter of the Atlantic Yards development, I hope to keep open and honest dialogue with those who oppose the project. This is an evolving process and I believe that continued negotiations will ultimately provide the best outcomes for the community and for the district.


NoLandGrab: The pioneering Community Benefits Agreement for the Staples Center in LA outlined a process whereby the developer negotiates with the community. Since CBA-signer Hamilton has a "seat at the table," she is the one who should be having an "open dialogue" with the developer. To call for an open dialogue with the "community" is a waste of resources and precious time.

When the signers of the CBA accepted money from Bruce Ratner in return for their support, the onus for negotiating for a better project fell on the shoulders of project opponents — the ones who do not have a seat at the table.

Posted by lumi at August 29, 2006 7:33 AM