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August 25, 2006

Atlantic Yards Report on the Media

Today Atlantic Yards Report blogger Norman Oder returns to his original assignment, The NY Times and the media:

The Times on AY: skepticism about construction jobs, but not about revenue
Oder takes a look at yesterday's NY Times article and notices a "rowback," as the Times is suddenly expressing the 15,000-jobs figure as "1500 construction jobs."

What's a "rowback?" What's the difference between the two figures? When will the Times scrutinize the "$1.4 billion tax revenue" prediction? Read the "O-dair Report" to learn more.

Democracy vs. demagoguery, and other AY story lines a columnist might've followed

Gather up the press and blog coverage, maybe add some video, and you can approximate the experience of the seven-hour public hearing Wednesday on the Atlantic Yards Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). But it really needed a writer with more "voice,” a columnist like Jimmy Breslin or Murray Kempton (R.I.P.).

Why didn’t a metro columnist, or even a sports columnist, from one of the dailies cross the river? After all, it was the day’s—maybe the summer’s--most striking piece of street theater. There were so many threads to follow, building blocks for 800 compelling words, stories with drama and maybe even a moral.

Oder lists several different threads that would've made great fodder for Gotham's bevy of columnists.

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