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August 14, 2006

Atlantic Yards Report: "The Mad Overkiller" outdoes self

Norman Oder asks "Why the rush?" in today's opinion column in Metro NY, but the investigative reporter is clearly in a hurry to publish many of his findings before next Wednesday's hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Here's today's line-up for Atlantic Yards Report:

Blight4Sale.jpg$2.25M worth of blight? Two lots for sale (?) on 6th Ave. in proposed footprint
Two lots in the Atlantic Yards footprint are on the market for $2.25M. Considering the development potential of these two lots and the fact that vacant lots are being developed just down the block, why has the Empire State Development Corporation determined that the properties are subject to "blighted conditions that are unlikely to be removed without public action?"

The "housing will go to those that need it the most"? A closer look
Atlantic Yards Report revists the issue of affordable housing for middle-to-upper-income families and finds that there's little political support for the type of program Bruce Ratner has proposed. In response, the Ratner camp adjusted its stride by re-labling all of the "subsidized" housing as "affordable." Problem solved?

AY vs. waterfront rezoning: affordable housing for 30 years or in perpetuity
Atlantic Yards Report points out that Ratner has promised "that the affordable housing program would be 'consistent with any applicable governmental programs,' not necessarily participating in them." Yet, in order to receive federal subsidies, by law, the units must "participate" in the plan.

In addition, there's a 30-year cap on the Ratner plan, which is not atypical, but less than what has been negotiated in Greenpoint-Williamsburg.

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