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July 28, 2006

Spitzer, local officials tell ESDC: Give community more time to study DEIS

Atlantic Yards Report

Never one to rest on his laurels, Atlantic Yards Report's Norman Oder posts for a second time today, getting the scoop on New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's letter to the ESDC requesting postponement of the DEIS hearing by at least 30 days, in which Spitzer called an extension of the environmental review period "indispensable."


Councilwoman Letitia James and Assemblymembers Joan Millman, Jim Brennan and Roger Green praised Spitzer's action in a press release (after the jump).

July 28, 2006

Assemblymembers Roger Green, Joan L. Millman, Jim Brennan and Councilwoman Letitia James Applaud Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for Joining the Call to Extend Public Comment Period for Atlantic Yards Re-Development Project

Brooklyn N.Y.- In response to requests by local elected officials, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer called upon the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) to extend the public review period by at least 30 days for the 1,400 page Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Atlantic Yards Arena and Re-Development Project. Currently the public only has 30 days to review the DEIS prior to the public hearing and then an additional 30 days to submit further written comments on what could be the largest single private development in Brooklyn's history.

In a letter dated July 25, 2006 Attorney General Eliot Spitzer stated, "In view of the expected contribution of development at the Atlantic Yards to the future of Brooklyn and the importance of public review of environmental issues associated with this project, I believe that an extension of time for public review of the DEIS by at least 30 days is indispensable under these circumstances."

The letter of support was welcomed by a coalition of local elected officials who represent constituents living close to the project and support a longer public comment period.

"It is imperative that enough time be allowed in the process for the public to review and respond to the DEIS," said Councilwoman Letitia James. "When it comes to analyzing the potential impacts of the proposed project at the Atlantic Yards, we need to take into account the concerns raised by all potentially affected parties. I thank Attorney General Spitzer for joining the call of the community to extend the official comment period."

"The 1,400 page DEIS is almost as overwhelming as the proposed project itself," stated Assemblywoman Joan Millman. "We need to ensure that the public has sufficient time to thoroughly analyze and review all of the potential impacts this project could have on our neighborhoods. I applaud Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for supporting the community in its efforts to meaningfully participate in the public review process."

"I am pleased to hear that Attorney General Eliot Spitzer stands with the community in advocating for an increased public comment period," said Assemblyman Roger Green. "Meaningful input from the public will only serve to enhance the Atlantic Yards project as it moves forward in the process."

"I am delighted that Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has once again shown his commitment to adequate public review of development projects," said Assemblyman Brennan. "Lengthening the public comment period would benefit the public significantly."

The public review period for the DEIS is only one of two opportunities when the public can officially submit comments for the record. Past public projects administered by the ESDC have allowed for as many as 140 days for the public to submit comments.

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