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July 24, 2006

It came from the Blogosphere...

Three posts we missed last week in the post-rally-DEIS-release madness:

Gowanus Lounge, Marty Markowitz's Reply to Atlantic Yards Open Letter
Earlier in the week, GL posted an open letter to Marty Markowitz regarding Atlantic Yards and then posted Markowitz's reply.

Rev BillyThe Stop Shopping Monitor (Blogalujah!), DDDB — Rev Reflects

In my sermon, I tried to say some things that I knew the politicians who would speak that afternoon might not cover. Like — how in my neighborhood I can leave my house keys with George across the street at the deli, for when I lock myself out or when a friend comes in from out of town. That’s a little thing - but life in a healthy community is made of little things. And here’s a toast to Jane Jacobs! But contrast this with the vertical gated communities that Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry would bring in, with miles of blank walls and secret security systems everywhere.

Don't Worry It's Just Reality, Mayberry, Brooklyn?
"Dreadnaught" comes to Rosie's rescue after she was slammed by the Daily News's editorial board last week:

Obviously to the editors of the dailynews and Ratner who prefer "Pottersville" it's a negative reference. Imagine...Miss Perez had the gaul to imply that urban neighborhoods can have the same sort of friendly family/neighborhood based intimacy as a small town. At least Mr Potter paid for his is own crooked schemes, Mr. Ratner.

And, two posts that indicate that "Bruce Ratner" and "Atlantic Yards" are developing their own linguistic currency:

Field of Schemes, Putting the "wreck" in "Paper of Record"
When a post about the Times screwing the pooch on coverage of the Yankees' stadium bond approval, provokes the following comment, you know that "Bruce Ratner = developer overlord" is nearing the saturation point in the public consciousness:

No surprise, unfortunately -- the Times has a big cheerleader from the get-go. I even heard Charles Bagli say this plan was in the works for a decade. I guess people who deal with Ratner are reluctant to cast stones.

BuildingIHate.jpgDelicato Morosa, The Building I Hate

You know that "Atlantic Yards" has become the yardstick for overdevelopment, extreme-density and existing-neighborhoods-be-damned when you stumble across the reference in this post on a blogger's neighborhood nemeis:

All told, it’s no Atlantic Yards, but it’s still an oversized eyesore by neighbourhood scale, and a continually crooked project, to boot.

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