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July 20, 2006



NY Post
By Rich Calder

Here's one we missed this morning, which, was foggy in more ways than one.

Yesterday, on The Brian Lehrer Show, James P. Stuckey, Forest City Ratner Atlantic Yards Development Group President, made mention of the developer's "progressive" and "innovative" 15-point plan to mitigate effects of the anticipated traffic nightmare, should the arena and 16 high rises be built.

Stuckey had an advantage on Lehrer and the rest of the audience since only he knew the details of this plan.

Today, in an exclusive by Rich Calder, the Post provides a sneak peak at the plan, which includes on-site parking for VIPs and HOVs (high occupancy vehicles) only, off-site parking (hope these sites were included in the Environmental Impact Statement traffic study), MetroCard incentives, "increasing subway service in Downtown Brooklyn during evenings and weekends, building an enclosed 400-spot bicycle station at the arena with lockers and reconfiguring roads and pedestrian crosswalks."


Calder, the Post transportation beat reporter, screwed the pooch on his coverage yesterday, providing the most favorable coverage of the Empire State Development Corporation's vote to accept the General Project Plan. Calder called Ratner's plan "all but a slam dunk."

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