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July 14, 2006

Going to Bat for Batson

Empire Zone [The NY Times campaign season blog]

Reporter Nick Confessore picks up where The Politicker left off in examining the donor list for the anti-Atlantic Yards candidate Bill Batson. Additional donors who were "outed":

There’s housing advocate Ken Diamondstone, a perennial political candidate in these parts, who is running for a state Senate seat this year and who also has harsh words for the Atlantic Yards. There’s Kate Suisman, a top aide to City Councilwoman Letitia James, who is a key ally of Develop Don’t Destroy. There’s the novelist Jennifer Egan, who is now on the group’s advisory board. There’s Eric McClure, who is active with the local group Park Slope Neighbors and heads its Atlantic Yards committee. There’s Norman Siegel, the civil liberties lawyer who ran for public advocate last year; he lost, but it is interesting to note that he did well in the neighborhoods surrounding the project. There’s Chris Owens, another project opponent and a candidate this year for his father’s congressional seat.


NoLandGrab: If you are someone who's opposed to the Ratner project and have made a contribution to Bill Batson, but have not been ID'd by the Times, feel free to submit a comment.

If you are dead-set against the project, but haven't made your donation yet, visit Batson's web site.

Why is this race important? Bill Batson is running against Hakeem Jeffries (whose official position on Atlantic Yards is full of contradictions) for the open State Assembly seat in the district which contains the Atlantic Yards footprint. The position of the Assembly Member from this district could, theoretically, influence Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's decision to support or oppose the project.

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