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July 14, 2006

Screening "A Walk Through the Footprint"

Lerner.jpgBrooklyn Downtown Star, Cut and "Footprint" By Medi Blum

Unbelievably, the Brooklyn Downtown Star's review of "A Walk Through the Footprint" is longer than Atlantic Yards Report's piece on the same 18-minute film about the remaining residents in Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards proposal footprint.

When David went after Goliath, he had five stones ready for his slingshot; the shepherd just happened to bean the giant with the first stone he threw. The pebble-sized short film that several would-be local Davids have launched against the Forest City Ratner Brooklyn arena behemoth will most likely not render the same death blow.

Courier-Life's coverage of the screening, "Film Focuses On Ratner Holdouts," by Emily Keller is more straightforward.

A Walk Through the Footprint – an 18-minute film by George Lerner that made its debut at the Park Slope Food Coop, 782 Union Street – chronicles the determination of several tenants living within the 22-acre project site to remain in their homes.

Those interviewed refused to sell their apartments to FCR at the time the film – which was completed in mid-January – was made, and spoke against FCR’s plan to evict them through eminent domain if the project goes forward.

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