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July 11, 2006

Brooklyn Rail Two-fer Tuesday

BR-cover-07-06.jpg Brooklyn Rail editor Ted Hamm sounds off on recent Atlantic Yards/development press and the 11th District Congressional race.

Welcome to Bono’s Borough?

And so the fights will continue in the name of actually existing, livable neighborhoods that can handle sensible, compatible development. The obstacles are many, not least the insults that one may endure from those in power. Senator Schumer will say you belong to the “culture of inertia,” and Ratner’s spokesmen will call you “unpatriotic.” But it may help to remember the words of none other than Mayor Bloomberg, who’s never met a megaproject he didn’t like. Last year, as he explained that while he indeed is a supporter of projects on the scale of Ikea in Red Hook, he added, “But I think if I lived there, I don’t know whether I would be, quite honestly.” Just as honestly, it’s up to those of us who actually live in Brooklyn to shape its destiny: as either a place that caters to rock stars and luxury towers or one that nurtures sustainable communities.

Race Is On for the Future of Central Brooklyn

For central Brooklyn progressives, the choice thus boils down to an heir not just to a congressman father who is retiring, but to the traditions of local community activism and the Congressional Black Caucus; or to the protégé� of the New Democrat Chuck Schumer, a friend of large developers and half-hearted foe of the war in Iraq. Only time will tell which tradition will represent the future of central Brooklyn.

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