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July 15, 2006

AY snug or stingy? 575 sf for 1BR, 775 sf for 2BR

Atlantic Yards Report covers the incredible shrinking affordable housing in the Atlantic Yards proposal. Both the apartment square footage and the percentage of apartments that will be 'affordable' have a case of shrinkage:

The Atlantic Yards web site now offers some details that might have further frustrated attendees at the affordable housing information session Tuesday. Half the affordable rentals would contain two and three bedrooms (unlike some other affordable housing programs), but the apartment sizes would be comparatively small. In fact, the minimum size projected for a two-bedroom rental would be nearly nine percent smaller than the standard size for a two-bedroom unit in city public housing.
Atlantic Yards was originally touted as an innovative plan in which half of the residential units--at that point all rentals--would be affordable. When the Housing Memorandum of Understanding was signed in May 2005, Forest City Ratner had accomplished a crucial switch: the 50 percent affordable goal would apply only to the rentals, thus leaving the developer free to soon add market-rate condos, initially 2800, now 2360.


Posted by amy at July 15, 2006 6:34 AM