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June 14, 2006

Yassky on the Yards

Left Behinds give hot props to Yassky's aide Evan Thies before posting the insta-response to an inquiry seeking Councilmember and Congressional candidate David Yassky's position on Atlantic Yards:

Mr. Grundy:

Thank you for your note. In fact, Council Member Yassky does not support the current Ratner plan, and has not supported any other plan for development at Atlantic Yards as erroneously reported yesterday in the New York Times. David has said that he would welcome a professional sports team to Brooklyn, as well as development at the MTA site. But there are many problems with the latest proposal. Chief among them is the scale of the project. David does not believe that Downtown and Brownstone Brooklyn's infrastructure can handle such out-of-scale development, nor does he think that the current plan has considered surrounding communities such as yours.

David would like to see the housing, jobs and investment for Brooklyn that an arena and new development at Atlantic Yards would bring. But, until significant changes are made, he will not support the project.

Thank you again for your note,
Evan Thies


NoLandGrab: It's not clear, but the article to which Thies referrs could be from last October's hearing.

What's confusing the press and Brooklynites alike is the fact that Yassky has stated in the past that he has not endorsed Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards proposal, but is currently seeking $3 million of city money to fund Bruce Ratner's Community Benefits Agreement signed with BUILD.

Posted by lumi at June 14, 2006 8:30 AM