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June 5, 2006

What are your priroities, [sic] Mr. Spitzer?

Despite his not having said anything of substance on the campaign trail, the conventional wisdom is that Eliot Spitzer looks "unbeatable," which is probably why our favorite City Councilmember, Letitia James, is about to jump on his band wagon, but not before Spitzer, the biggest bully in Albany, gets in a few pot shots at Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, via Ben Smith at the Daily News.

And Brooklyn City Councilwoman Tish James is likely to endorse the attorney general - overlooking a shouting match they had in his office last year. James was there with members of a Brooklyn group that opposes the Atlantic Yards project, which includes an arena for the Nets basketball team. She wouldn't discuss the meeting in detail, but an ally who was there, lawyer Candace Carponter, said, "We were yelled at for half an hour, and every single issue we wanted to discuss, he said, 'I don't care.'"

The group is known for its own sometimes over-the-top rhetoric. Its main spokesman, Dan Goldstein, e-mailed me not long ago, describing his African-American opponents as tools of "their wealthy white masters." Not surprisingly, Spitzer aide Rich Baum, who was at the meeting, had a very different version.

"They sat there and yelled at him for half an hour," Baum said. "He clearly found their argumentation style so off-the-wall that it upset them."

In any event, on leaving the meeting, another member of the Brooklyn group, Carponter said, tried to start something of a Spitzer-victim support group.


NoLandGrab: Yeah, we are so sure that DDDB walked into a private meeting with the New York State Attorney General and yelled at the guy.

It's funny how the people who are engineering the over-the-top development with subsidies that are out of this world are always saying DDDB is extreme in its rhetoric, and the press seems to buy it. If these guys are so crazy, how come they are the only ones who aren't lying?

Posted by lumi at June 5, 2006 7:10 AM